Brand Review: Insecta Shoes

If there was one habit I had that best aligned with the zero waste movement, it was that I was willing to wear shoes until they could no longer be worn. I haven’t usually been one for getting rid of older shoes and any that were suited for everyday wear would more than likely find themselves in a state of disrepair somewhere down the line. Seeing as I had worn down my last good pair of daily wear shoes, I was in the market for a new pair when I stumbled across Insecta and I instantly fell in love.

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Beating The Summer Heat – Natural Fibers

July is just around the corner which signals an increase in outdoor activities in full-sun for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere. One of the toughest parts of all those picnics, barbecues, outdoor concerts, and sporting events is trying to keep relatively cool and comfortable throughout the course of the day.

Last summer I had the pleasure of working a small vendor booth at a local Renaissance faire with a couple of friends and we were expected to dress up and act the part so as to perpetuate the fantasy of the faire for younger children. Hands down the most common question all of us were asked throughout all three summer weekends was “Aren’t you hot in that gown?”. People were shocked that we seemed perfectly content in full-sleeves and floor-length gowns while they were sweating to death in shorts and t-shirts. The secret (aside from the shade of our tent being lovely, and the grass being cool to rest on after a few hours) was the materials all of our clothing was made from.

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