Plastic Free July 2017 – Mid-Month Check-In

We’ve done it! We’ve made it to the halfway point of Plastic Free July 2017! In celebration, I decided to do a quick check-in to address what has been going well, what has been challenging, and what my plans are going into the final two weeks.

Plastic Free July Check-In

The past two weeks have been full of small successes, and a handful of setbacks. Sometimes, life just happens and it’s nice to remember that forgetting to refuse a plastic bag, or being given a surprise plastic fork isn’t the end of the world. This month has already been very busy and the first two weeks were packed full of hectic work schedules, travel, and unfortunately, getting sick. At times, all of these factors made it tough to stick with refusing single-use plastics, but I think that the aftermath was eye-opening to what I need to work on going forwards.


  • Using a reusable water bottle instead of any kind of bottled water.
  • Buying biodegradable trash bags to replace some of the traditional bags.
  • Going to the grocery store less.


  • Taking advantage of the packaged snacks at work.
  • Getting take-out instead of cooking.
  • Receiving lots of packages.

In general, I’ve been pretty impressed with how much we’ve been able to cut out over the past few weeks. Plastic bags are becoming fewer and farther between at our house which considering how many we once had, is pretty incredible – even when we were ordering take-out. A few times we were able to order from places that use paper and/or recycled materials which helped to soften the blow of having to order out at all. That being said, we still have areas we need to improve upon and as such I’ve listed out a couple goals I have for our final two weeks of the challenge.


  • Cut out take-out.
  • Bento lunch and snacks to avoid eating packaged foods at work.
  • Either combine on shipping, or make an attempt to buy the items in person.
  • Stretch Goal – Go for glass instead of plastic for the kitchen.

I think that all of these goals are fairly attainable and just require a little bit more planning on my part for the next few weeks. We have so many delicious fruits and veggies being delivered from our CSA weekly that it shouldn’t be too hard to completely cut out take-out and prepare some snack bags for work. The packaging goal might be a little bit more difficult as we’re often ordering items from many different specialty shops, but perhaps we can make more of an effort to take a trip to some of the local stores to find what we need. Of course my stretch goal is the trickiest one, but I think that by being a little bit more mindful, I should be able to begin cutting out all the plastic ingredients containers. It would of course be best if we could buy in bulk, but to start we can opt for phasing out the plastic.

Here’s to two more plastic-less weeks!



Have you been participating in the Plastic Free July challenge? How have your first two weeks been? Share with us in the comments below!

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