Brand Review: Insecta Shoes

If there was one habit I had that best aligned with the zero waste movement, it was that I was willing to wear shoes until they could no longer be worn. I haven’t usually been one for getting rid of older shoes and any that were suited for everyday wear would more than likely find themselves in a state of disrepair somewhere down the line. Seeing as I had worn down my last good pair of daily wear shoes, I was in the market for a new pair when I stumbled across Insecta and I instantly fell in love.

Brand Review: Insecta Shoes

Based out of Brazil, Insecta is all about creating eco-friendly, vegan shoes using recycled materials. With the fashion industry being the drive behind so much waste, it’s nice to see a company actively taking a stand and choosing to pull from the waste stream in order to create something beautiful. Not only are the shoes functional and made out of recycled materials, but they’re conscientiously made in a fair trade environment making Insecta a great all-rounder company with a stellar set of ethics.

After shopping around the website for a quite a while, I decided to snag a pair of desert boots for myself and could not have been more pleased with the outcome. Though I originally had some issues using the checkout, in part due to what I believe was a Paypal issue, I experienced an efficient e-buyer experience, excellent shipping times, sturdy packaging, and most importantly a great pair of shoes.

Insecta Shoes
My pair of Insecta Desert Boots

In the past month or so since I bought them, I’ve taken my boots out for far more than a test drive. They’ve been my go-to for work wear as well as my weekend adventure footwear and overall they’ve been very comfortable. I have fairly high arches and so flat soled shoes tend to give me some issues from time to time, but I love the supportive insoles on this pair and I’ve never had an issue with foot pain. As a kid I also used to roll my ankles a lot which definitely contributed to me choosing the more supportive boot style. While I was wary at first as they felt a little thin, for a non-athletic shoe I’ve had great support while wearing these around. The only discomfort I’ve experienced while wearing these shoes has been that if you have very tight Achilles tendons like me, the lip on the back of the shoe might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but I think this is just part of the breaking-in process.

Insecta Shoes Side Shot

The recycled fabric they use for the shoes themselves are always eye-catchingly bold and you’re sure to turn more than a few heads if you wear these around town. I will say that just like any other fabric shoes, you do need to be careful around certain materials and activities which could stain the fabric, but otherwise they’re far easier to clean and take care of than leather or plastic shoes.

Insecta Pattern
Close-up Pattern Shot

Overall from buying to wearing, I’d give my Insecta experience a 5 out of 5 stars. Though I’m hoping to not have to buy shoes anytime in the future, if I do find myself in need of another pair, I’ll know just where to look.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, or a great brand to support, be sure to check out Insecta and see what they’re all about – I can almost guarantee you’ll find something to fall in love with.

Cheers to happy feet!


*Note* Not a sponsored post (but I wish it was).

Do you have a favorite eco-friendly brand? Share with us in the comments below!

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